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  • FEATURES Haze-Free & Anti-Static Formulation: non-toxic, odorless, alcohol-free, ammonia-free -- does not harm the coating of your screen and damage your screen's sensitive surface Packaging Size: 15.5 x 3 x 21.2 / 0.08kg
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    FEATURES Tilt Settings: for better viewing experience Soft EVA Foam Pads: protect furniture from scratches or scuffs High Quality Powder-Coated Finish: prevents scratches and rust 3 Stage Height Adjustments: accommodate several sizes of flat screens and for a better viewing height Sturdy Steel Construction: provides a solid and long-lasting performance Cable Management: elegantly hides any cables that are attached to displays PACKAGING SIZE (cm): 44.5x14x4.8 / 2.86kg
  • FEATURES Detachable VESA Plate Design: enables easy installation Cable Management: elegantly hides any cables that are attached to displays 360° Rotary VESA Plate: for more viewing experience            two Mounting Options: both desk clamp and grommet are included Freely Adjusting Height: for an optimal ergonomic position PACKAGING SIZE: 59.2x18.5x12.3 / 7.37kg
  • Features: Slim Design: provides low profile Toolless Tilt: allows for effortless positioning Easy Assembly: Installation is as easy as 1-2-3
  • FEATURES Motor(s) is(are) Thermal and Overload Protected: for safety and longevity Programmable Memory: presets save your desired height Programmable height range: customizes the minimum and maximum height settings to accommodate objects around you, such as under desk cabinets or storage units Easy-Assembly: advanced frame design reduces set-up time while providing long-term stability for confident daily use Digital LED Memory Controller: for customizable settings Sit/Stand Time Reminder: for regular movement Programmable Proprietary Gyro-Current Collision Avoidance System: improved sensing technology for better detection of soft and hard objects in the movement path Three Stage Standard Column: offers more adjustability Packaging Size: 105x28.6x23.2 / 26kg
  • It has an embedded pencil box and a pulled-out storage drawer helping organize books and stationery to reduce clutter. Tiltable desktop provides better angle for writing, reading and drawing. The chair winged-back design reduces pressure on the spine and makes your child more comfortable. Height adjustment design lets the desk grow with your child for long term use.
    • Split Backrest: consists of two flexible blade-type back pads which are designed according to vertebral column structure that can effectively reduce 65% of pressure on the lumbar spine and promotes positive impacts on muscle alignment, metabolism and blood circulation
    • Tiltable Desktop: provides better angle for writing, reading and drawing Locking Rotary Knob: ensures toolless height adjustment
    • Pull-Out Compartmented Drawer: organizes and stores books, papers, stationery, coloring utensils, etc.
    • Height Adjustable Design: adapts to a child's growth
    • The embedded pencil box on the desk reduces clutter.
    • Anti-Pinch Safety De