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Manual Adjustable Standing Desk


Enhanced support column design increases stability
●Sleek Design: blends into various modern interior designs
●Desktop Customization: choose your own desktop style including size, shape, material and color
●Adjustable Feet: level and adapt to most any floor surface
●Foldable Handle: prevents interference between you and the desk
●Adjustable Width: fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes
●Quality MDF Board: features high impact resistance (TSCA Title VI compliant)


Dimensions: (1000~1600)x700x(730~1230)mm ((39.4"~63")x27.6"x(28.7"~48.4"))
Frame Orientation: Rectangular
Suggest Tabletop Size: (1200~1800)X(650~850)mm ((47.2"~70.9")X(25.6"~33.5"))
Weight Capacity: 70kg (154lbs)
Width Range: 1000~1600mm (39.4"~63")
Height Range: 730~1230mm (28.7"~48.4")
Column Design: Reversed Column
Column Segments: Two Stage Column
Column Size: 60X60、50X50mm
Frame Color: Black